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What is the meaning of Ramadan?

What is the meaning of Ramadan? It was the Arabs who came up with the name ?Ramadan? during the ancient times. The Arabs noticed that there are certain times of the year which are hot, and that was how the name Ramadan was derived as it actually means ?very hot?. Hence, the fasting month was named Ramadan, which just happens to fall on the hottest months of the year. What are the lessons we can learn during this Holy Month? In the Quran, the story of Mariam was mentioned, who recited the phrase ? ?sesungguhnya saya berpuasa daripada bercakap? It is better for me to fast than talk? That was the promise she made to Allah that she would fast rather than speak words that are not good. The fasting month teaches us to avoid saying bad words and actions and to resist hunger and thirst. If it is just based on refraining from eating and drinking, we can compete who is the fittest among us. Things to be avoided during Ramadan Puasa means Saum, or Imsak (to refrain) ? refrain from speaking, fighting, eating, drinking and anything that might invalidate the fast, during the duration from sunrise to sunset.