KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s leading news and current affairs channel, Astro AWANI and business news portal DagangNews.com have formed a strategic collaboration in efforts to increase business, entrepreneurial and corporate news content.

The idea to form the collaboration was mooted following discussions by a group of micro businesses and online entrepreneurs who had proposed that knowledge and information related to business are prioritised in news reporting.

Astro AWANI’s Editor-in-Chief Ashwad Ismail said, the segment by DagangNews.com will widen the perspective of Niaga Awani news programme which is aired every Monday to Friday at 9am on Astro AWANI channel 501, and news report on astroawani.com.

“The increasing interest among readers and viewers towards business and entrepreneurial content especially among youngsters has led us into developing this strategic collaboration with a media start-up that shares the same vision and aspiration in building Malaysia to be an 'Entrepreneurial Nation' such as DagangNews.com,” said Ashwad when commenting on the collaboration with DagangNews.com, here, Tuesday.

He said, even though the news portal is considered ‘new’, the editorial is backed by experienced business journalists.

Meanwhile, DagangNews.com Managing Editor Johardy Ibrahim said the news portal welcomed the collaboration with Astro AWANI.

He described the partnership as a ‘win-win’ collaboration in line with the company’s three-year business plan.

The company was established in June 2020.

“DagangNews.com had collaborated with TV Sarawak as content provider last year and the experience has helped us to work with Astro AWANI this time around,” he said.

He said, DagangNews.com focuses on being the Bahasa Malaysia’s business and corporate news platform.

Despite facing stiff competition from other English medium media, the portal managed to garner sizeable number of viewers in its one and half year of existence. - DagangNews.com