An Israeli member of parliament had created controversy when she labelled all Palestinians as terrorists and called for mothers of all Palestinians should be killed in the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

According to Iranian news website, PressTV, the woman known as Ayelat Shaked said this is because these mothers have given birth to ‘little snakes’.

“They should die and their houses must be destroyed so that they do not give birth to terrorists.

“They are our enemy and their blood should be in our hands. The mothers of the terrorists who are dead should also be killed,” she was quoted as saying.

Her statement was however not well received by Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan who characterised her mentality as Hitler’s.

“Is that lady an Israeli member of parliament? What is the difference between her mentality and Hitler’s mentality?” questioned Erdogan.

The Israel-Gaza conflict has been condemned by many countries including Malaysia, which hopes to see an end to it soon.