NEARLY everyone wears sneakers, but what do we really know about the history of these shoes? Starting on October 13, the Musée de l'Homme in Paris will be revisiting the origins of a trend that has gradually become a genuine social phenomenon. It marks an opportunity to learn more about one of the most coveted essentials for both men and women throughout the world.

It's a phenomenon that you can't help but notice. Sneakers are everywhere, on our feet, obviously, but also at auction houses, and recently they have even become collectors' items selling for sky-high sums.

It's a new form of reselling, privileged by Gen Z and one that occasionally allows them to make thousands of dollars by betting on the right horse, or, in this case, the right pair. In essence, the sneaker has become one of the most coveted objects of the present, to the point that luxury labels are putting them at the heart of their new collections, as they dethrone long-reigning stilettos.

It's this social phenomenon that the Musée de l'Homme is dedicating an entire exhibition to, from October 13, 2021 through July 25, 2022.

The display traces the origins of the sneaker as well as looking at its various symbolic meanings over time: establishing a social and cultural identity, freedom, emancipation, transgression, and of course, now, a major, must-have fashion accessory.

With the participation of brands and institutions, the exhibition will feature collectors' objects, posters and archival documents, performances, audiovisual materials, and legendary models, with more than 70 pairs exhibited in total.