Popular actor Shaheizy Sam Abdul Samad ended his bachelor days when he married actress Siti Nor Syatilla Amirol Melvin at the bride's house in Bukit Jawi Golf Villa here Monday night.

The marriage was solemnised by Universiti Sains Malaysia Human Transformation Centre director Datuk Elias Zakaria.

In one breath, Shaheizy Sam, 34, and Syatilla, 25, became husband and wife at 9pm.

The actor then presented his bride with a dowry of RM10,082, a ring and seven trays of gifts, and received nine trays of wedding gifts in return.

The bride's family will host the reception at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort tomorrow, while the groom's at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 14.

Shaheizy Sam, who had won the Berita Harian's Bintang Paling Popular title twice, said he was grateful that the solemnisation ceremony went well without a glitch.

"Alhamdulillah (All praises to Allah), everything ran smoothly and we are now husband and wife. I hope all quarters, especially our fans, will pray for our marriage to last a lifetime," he said.

Meanwhile, Syatilla said it wasn't hard for her to fall in love with Shaheizy Sam as he had always been a humble person despite the fact that he is the nation's most famous star.

"He made me feel that he is just a normal person like me, not so much a very famous person," said the actress who also celebrated her 25th birthday today.

When asked about her acting career after marriage, Syatilla said it was now up to her husband whether to allow her to continue being active on the silver screen or not.

The couple was reported to have received RM25 million worth of sponsorships for their wedding, dubbed the 'Wedding of The Year', which include jewellery worth RM20 million, wedding dresses, decorations, dais and door gifts for guests.