Senior Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has shared a ‘big secret’ through a cryptic poem he wrote today, on his Facebook.

The ‘big secret’ which is shared between himself and Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is revealed today through a 3-stanza poem.

Sumber Facebook MohamedAzminAli

The poem which is translated as:

In the China Sea lies a dragon,
Greeted by firecrackers,
Why do you so drunkenly ask,
About the tale behind the Sheraton Move,

The size of the dragon is unimaginable,
It swims to the shore, drawn by firecrackers,
Don’t let anyone be fooled,
There is no Sheraton Move.

From the riverbanks, Muhyiddin comes,
Meets Azmin and shook hands,
In the name to save the country,
Together, they made the ‘Right Move’.

In the first verse, it is unclear who or what the dragon is,but Azmin claims the country is under threat from this “dragon”.

“There is no Sheraton Move,” Azmin wrote in the second verse. Instead, in the third verse he said he and Muhyiddin made the ‘Right Move’

The Sheraton Move is a reference to a hotel in Petaling Jaya where Azmin and Muhyiddin gathered and planned to announce a new government.