The Bersih 4 rally has complied with human rights, according to a United States-based international human rights group.

Human Rights Watch Deputy Asia Director, Phil Robertson said he hoped that the peaceful situation remains throughout the rally until Sunday evening.

"So far the situation is calm and under control. They have voiced their opinions, marched and gathered with their friends, and demanding for their rights to be respected.

"It was a good day for human rights in Malaysia," he said when contacted by Astro AWANI.

Robertson also praised the Malaysian police for successfully handling the situation at the rally.

It was learned that the organisers had also prohibited the crowd from entering Dataran Merdeka.

"The Bersih organisers made sure that there were no confrontations between the participants and the authorities.

"They even formed a 'human barricade' to prevent the crowd from entering Dataran Merdeka. And that was a wise move," he said.

However, Robertson was worried that the government might take action against those who wore the 'Bersih 4' T-shirt, as it was deemed unlawful by the Home Ministry.

"Our people will monitor on its development and make sure that it doesn't happen," he said.

He also hoped that the ministry would revoke the ban on the Bersih 4 T-shirts as he said that it violates human rghts.