The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) reiterated that Cadbury chocolates, which are previously found tainted with porcine DNA are Halal to be consumed.

In a statement issued today, Jakim said that although Cadbury Malaysia has been certified Halal by Jakim, the department still receives queries on the brands’ chocolate products.

“Jakim wants to confirm that Cadbury Malaysia holds the Halal Certification since 2004 until now. Malaysia’s Chemistry Department has tested the product and Jakim had conducted a full investigation as stipulated in the Malaysian Halal Certification Procedures Manual.

“It should be noted that Malaysia’s Halal certification process involves rigorous auditing and inspections including an assessment of ingredients, processing methods, equipments used including laboratory testing by Certification Procedures Manual Standard and Procedure. Certificate holders are also subject to periodic inspections conducted by Jakim,” said Jakim.

Consumers should not fret, said Jakim as periodic monitoring on Malaysian Halal certificate holders is conducted.

“If there is any breach or non-compliance with the certification requirements, Jakim will suspend or withdraw the Halal certification.”

To avoid any confusion related to Halal issues, all parties are requested to refer through Malaysia Halal Portal in instead of refering to a unauthentic source.

Any questions regarding Malaysia;s Halal Certification can be submitted to the Halal Hub Division, Jakim at 03-8892 5000.