PUTRAJAYA: Parti Pejuang Tanah Air (Pejuang) chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today announced the establishment of Gerakan Tanah Air (GTA), a coalition he said is aimed at strengthening the Malays especially in the economic field.

He said for a start, GTA comprises Pejuang, Parti Perikatan India Muslim Nasional (Iman), Parti Barisan Jemaah Islamiah Se-Malaysia (Berjasa) and Parti Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (Putra).

He said GTA is open to participation from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), individuals, academics and professional groups among the Malays and it would apply for registration soon.

"We hope to get support from the people especially Malays because Malays are the ones doubtful of their future," Dr Mahathir told a press conference at Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana here.

"We hope RoS (Registrar of Societies) will be considerate to us ... if (registration) not approved, we will pick another name," said Dr Mahathir, who is GTA chairman.

Dr Mahathir also announced four deputy chairmen of GTA - Berjasa president Zamani Ibrahim, Putra president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, Pejuang president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir and Iman president Datuk Mohammed Mosin Abdul Razak.

Pejuang deputy president Datuk Marzuki Yahya has been named as GTA secretary-general.

Dr Mahathir said GTA would field candidates in 120 parliamentary constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia, especially Malay-majority areas, in the 15th general election.