Of late, we have often heard of numerous cases of fatal accidents associated with drunk driving reported by the mass media.

Of course, there have been many among the next-of-kin of those who perished in such accidents who suffered as a result of the negligence of drunk drivers.

The keyword 'drunk driver' has also been frequently seen on social media following netizens' frustration of thinking that there were still some individuals who failed to comply with the traffic laws.

Not only that, the hashtag #PemanduMabukMembunuh (#DrunkDriversKill ) have begun trending on social media with netizens expressing anger, sadness and disappointment at drunk drivers who totally disregarded traffic rules.

In fact, the hashtag has also been used by netizens as a petition to urge the government to enact stricter road safety laws and increase the penalty on drunk drivers who are negligent for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Some of them even regarded drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol as "killers".