First there were durian kavadis.

Now, they dance to the tune of the world famous hit - 'Gangnam Style'.

The recent Thaipusam celebrations in Penang saw a group of youngsters and a kavadi bearer dancing to the tune of Gangnam Style. The video is making its rounds on social media and has 38,268 views since it was uploaded on YouTube by 'journeyca' on January 27.

However, it is no laughing matter as far as the Hindu religious authorities are concerned. Despite repeated warnings in the past to respect the holy celebration, a handful of devotees continue to "mock" the event as enraged religious groups described the act as being "disrespectful".

Malaysian Hindu Sangam deputy president V.Kandasamy, who had witnessed mind-boggling durian kavadis during last year’s celebration, had hoped devotees would behave themselves and expected a ‘no nonsense’ celebration as per our report "No durian kavadis, please" published on January 23.

Naturally, Kandasamy was irked with the video and condemned the act adding the youths performing the dance "should be educated".

“The temple committee should have stopped the youths the moment they saw them dancing to that song. There are many religious songs meant for Lord Murugan that they could have used for the festival," said Kandasamy.

“Yet, they chose ‘Gangnam Style’. It is a holy place not a pub. Please respect the place and the religion,” he said.

MIC Youth Religious Bureau secretary P. Punithan condemned the act but stressed the youngsters should not be entirely blamed.

“The song was played by a stall operator. The youths heard it and danced to the tune. The temple committee should have banned the stall owners from playing such songs during Thaipusam,” Punithan said.

Penang's Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Hilltop temple committee chairman P. Kuvenaraju said that there are no rules and regulations of how one should worship God in Hinduism.

“However, that does not mean what the youngsters did was right. I disapprove it.

"However, the dance was done on the street and not inside the temple. If it had happened inside the temple compound, they would have been barred from entering."

The video has also attracted a lot of criticism from YouTube viewers.

YouTube user dhasha1112 said: “These are the ones who does not know what prayers and culture is about!”

bukansaya_bukankamu said: “Come one. Pray is pray. You should be devoting yourself to God not Psy. There should be a limit to freedom of expression. Publicly doing such a dance is no harm but don’t do it during a holy occasion.”

lavaboyz1 said: I think the entire Malaysian Indian community is not ok with this. First, if you are a bunch of dudes who want to express yourself freely in music and dance, seek a concert stage, seek a disco, club or pub, then do it. No one will say anything about it. If you are good people might even encourage it. You do not seek a temple on a holy day to express yourself. Why? Because it is not the right time or place.

Despite the condemnation, there are also those who saw the lighter side of the whole incident.

There were also those who were not so critical of the video.

danny trejo said: “Best Gangnam style ever. Should hit 10 million views in 10 days!”

Narong Da Saratoga said: “Ini joget ada style boss! (This dance has style, boss)