A team of traditional healers claimed they had successfully 'caught' several jinns which were said to have made Masjid Kampung Tedong in Malacca, their home since 400 million years ago.

One of the practitioners, Sa'ad Jaafar, 49, claimed that the incident of two prayer room partitions 'gliding' across the hall of the mosque, caught in a spooky video recording, was not factored by wind, as previously claimed.

He claimed the jinns did it.

"I was on my way back to my hometown when I decided to stop by the mosque to help. We have since identified that the cause of the partitions moving was not due to wind but jinns," he said.

The healers had apparently 'communicated' with the supernatural beings, with several of the mosque's congregation bearing witness.

During the 'conversation', a jinn was said to have admitted to moving the partitions. The video footage of the incident, caught by the mosque’s CCTV camera, had since gone viral on social media.

"A jinn admitted to moving the partitions with the intention to spook humans," Sa'ad claimed.

He added that the process to 'capture' the jinns took about four hours.

The incident reportedly occurred last May 28 around 3.20am.

The Islamic Religious Department of Malacca (JAIM), which had since visited the mosque to observe the area, however denied that the incident was caused by anything supernatural but merely wind.