Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA) president Datuk N. Marimuthu said the water rationing carried out in the country is not a failure, despite claims by many.

However, he said, the exercise was not a long-term solution to water shortage issue.

"Water rationing is not a failure, there is just no other choice. If there is no water, what can we do. We are not hiding water,” he said when contacted, Tuesday.

Marimuthu who is also a National Water Services Commission (SPAN) commissioner believed that water woes in the country could have been avoided if Langat 2 water treatment project was in place.

“If Langat 2 had been there six to seven years ago, we don’t have to go through this problem,” he said.

"But now, we can't do much but pray for rain," he added.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry secretary-general Datuk Loo Took Gee was quoted in The Star that the people in Selangor were only using 7% less water despite the water rationing in the state.

However, despite the recent rain spells, Marimuthu said it has been not been raining at the right places.

“As a member of SPAN, we are doing our best to make sure the problem is solved. We need to be patient for the Langat 2 to really fulfil its obligation,” said Marimuthu.

He said it is also not practical to tell people that they need to use less water.

“Many people are using rain water. For example, in my office we use rain water for the toilets. There’s nothing much to save because there is no sufficient water left to save,” he added.

Marimuthu said the people are going through a painful exercise, adding that the current dry spells were worst than the 1998 water crisis.

He said he had warned back in 1998 that water shortage would crop up again if water was not well managed.

“Babies are born, people are coming to work and there are a lot of foreign workers, new developments taking place every day, so how are we going to save water,” asked Marimuthu.