KUALA LUMPUR:The majority of Malaysians agree with the one-stream national education system be implemented in the country.

An opinion poll conducted by EMIR Research in December 2020 found a total of 54 per cent of respondents agreed with the proposal.

Another 31 per cent admitted being unsure and 15 per cent disagreed with the implementation of a one-stream national education system.

The poll also found that the majority of respondents, 66 per cent, want the teaching of Science and Mathematics subjects in English.

However, 20 per cent others were unsure while another 15 per cent disagreed.

Survey by EMIR Research in the fourth quarter of 2020.

EMIR Research President and CEO, Dr Rais Hussin, said respondents living in the interior are more in agreement with the proposed one-stream education system than respondents in urban areas.

"Malay and Bumiputera respondents are in favour of the one-stream education system compared to Indian respondents.

"At the same time, Indian respondents are more inclined to agree with the statement than Chinese respondents," he said in a report on the poll involving 2,000 respondents, released here today.

Commenting further, Dr Rais said, respondents with a higher education background are more likely to agree to the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English and a one-stream education system.