Ahmad Izat Ahmad Nazmi a student who reads Industrial Economy in Nottingham University got the shock of his life when his innocent reply to a 10-year-old boy who wanted to know what time it was, turned gruesome.

On Jan 27 at 6.50pm local time, Izat was walking alone from Jubilee Campus to Dunkirk through an aisle, by Wallaton Drive Hall heading towards Hill Side.

As he was walking, three teenagers, believed to be between the age of 8 to 14, came up to him and asked for the time. Before he could answer, out of the blue, one of the boys took out a gun while the others took out their pen knives.

Although Izat knew that it was a toy gun, fearing for his safety, he pleaded to them to let him go unharmed.

But the three then snatched his wallet, watch and hand phone before trying to flee the scene.

Izat ran after the three and managed to grab one of them. Izat then asked for his phone to be returned. That was when the nighmare began as his two accomplices began to stab him repetitively.

Determined not to give up, Izat punched one of them on the face but he received more stabbing as the other two came back to help their friend.

Izat saw a few passerbys and cried for help, but none came to the rescue. The struggle with the three teenagers went on for about 5 minutes until one of the boys agreed to return his phone as long as Izat stops chasing them.

Izat, persistent to get his phone back, didn’t stop struggling and kept on punching one of them.

Realising that they are just minors and confident of dragging at least one of them to the authorities, Izat chased after them again but this time his body failed him. He realised he was drenched it his own blood and at this point the boys had already fled.

A kind passerby who saw Izat in pain helped him to walk and get help. Police then came and helped to bring Izat to the hospital.

Despite 14 stabs and 11 stiches, Izat survived the ordeal with severe wounds. His case is now under investigation.

"Despite being assault by teenagers, I can’t help feel like a hero for defending myself," he added.

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