Laura Bushney, the woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by a Malaysia Airlines steward, received criticisms following her appearance on a television show in Australia.

In a recorded interview with Channel Seven's talk show Sunday Night, Bushney, 26 claimed the steward allegedly came and sat down next to her three hours into the flight and began assaulting her under the guise of comforting.

Netizens are still questioning her innocence based on the photos uploaded on her Instagram account.

“For everyone saying Laura Bushney is innocent! Take a look at her Instagram,” wrote @lfcstreamlinks.

Astro AWANI visited Bushney's Instagram account and discovered all her posts have been deleted.

Netizens were also curious as they questioned why Bushney didn’t do anything to stop the steward.

Some Netizens, however have expressed their sympathy for Bushney.

Bushney, who was travelling by herself has reportedly, recorded the incident on her iPhone hidden under a blanket on her lap. She claimed that the steward placed his hands under the blanket and then down her pants.

She was also reported to have recorded a face-to-face altercation with the steward after the incident.

The steward, a married man with three children, was detained by police when the plane touched down at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in the August 4, 2014 incident.

A source from MAS when contacted said that the airline will 'remain neutral' and 'can’t comment on the ongoing case."