Leave everything odd, weird and rare behind.

This was the advice by Malaysian Hindu Sangam deputy president V.Kandasamy to devotees who would be thronging Lord Murugan temples throughout the nation to celebrate Thaipusam this weekend.

Kandasamy said last year, he encountered mind-boggling methods of paying penance to the Hindu god.

"I was shocked to see a man with durians hanging by hooks on his back. There were also kavadis with political symbols in previous years," said Kandasamy.

"I think it will be possible for more such kavadis being carried by devotees for this year's Thaipusam as this is the election year. My humble request is to leave all this behind and make this festival a totally religious one," he added.

Despite yearly reminders by the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar Swamy Devasthanam Temple committee to keep 'banned' items away from the temple premises during the world famous Thaipusam festival , the
message seem to fall on deaf ears.

Such banned items still make an appearance almost every year that many now question about the seriousness of the message as no one seems to be taken to task for not adhering the regulations.

However, the temple's committee chairman Datuk R. Nadarajah said additional measures would be taken to ensure these banned items are not brought in.

"We will station Rela members at the temple's entrances and those who do not adhere to the rules will be stopped from entering the temple premises."

Among the items that have been banned in previous years include cigars, kumkum powder and cheek piercing spears that are more than three feet long.

Cheek piercings must be less than three feet

More unconventional items have been continuously added to the ban list in recent times as visitors come up with creative ways to worship.

In 2009, the English Premier League kavadis seemed to be the 'theme' of Thaipusam as scores of devotees carried football-inspired kavadis, bearing emblems of Manchester United or Liverpool.

EPL not allowed: Kavadis feauturing football logos are not allowed

"This year, the ban on football-inspired kavadis remains. I also heard that there are kavadis with political symbols and they should not be allowed." said Nadaraja adding that the temple is prepared to receive an estimated 1.6 million visitors this year.

Banned items/acts from Thaipusam 2013:

1. Kumkum powder (red powder)
2. Alcohol
3. Cigar
4. Football-inspired kavadis
5. More than 3-feet-long cheek piercing spears
6. Sexy, revealing clothes
7. Walking on swords
8. Satai (whip)
9. Swords