1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) President and Group Executive Director, Arul Kanda Kandasamy said there has been no outside interference in the company's administration.

He said all decisions made were done in accordance with the established corporate governance of the company.

"In 1MBD, every major decision whether strategic assessment or rationalization plan, will go through our board of directors, shareholders, and the Ministry of Finance.

"We have debates and discussions, and that is not an intervention... it is how we implement governance within the company through its three stages," said Arul Kanda in an interview on TV3's 'Soal-Jawab'
programme last night.

Arul said he had no problem being investigated as he described 1MBD as an 'open book'.

"We are investigated by Bank Negara, the police, the MACC, the National Audit Department, the Attorney-General’s Chambers, and the PAC.

"Investigations are still ongoing... and as a company, we provide the information needed for these investigations," he said.

Arul and all members of the board including its director expressed their willingness to meet the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

"We are ready to meet PAC on the 4th, 5th, 6th August to give our statements, but due to some changes in the committee, it was postponed," said Arul.

"The Prime Minister also stated publicly if there is any wrongdoing, action will be taken. As for me, I can see that the PAC is very professional."

“PAC is the best among the investigators because it is made up of members of parliament from both the government and the opposition. So their questions are more bipartisan and it is our responsibility to provide all the facts," he said.

Despite facing various accusations, Arul said the company is currently focusing to stabilise the company's financial condition before proceeding to other plans.

"We have to accept the criticisms and accusations. People have the right to voice their opinion. But we need to take the necessary measures for the company," he said.

Arul said what matters now is the investigation should go on and the truth should be brought forward in answering all the negative perceptions from the people.

"Let the investigators do their job transparently and professionally. My responsibility is not to point fingers but to settle the debts of the company.

"With the support of 1MDB staff and the Ministry of Finance, we expected to settle the debts," he added.