KOTA BHARU: The 9th Battalion of the General Operations Force (PGA9) found 69 rounds of bullets of various types and drugs left in a bag in a bush by the bank of Sungai Golok near Pengkalan Haram Pok Ngoh, Pisau Raut, Kuala Jambu in Tumpat, near here, yesterday.

Kelantan acting police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said the discovery was made by PGA9 personnel who were patrolling the location on motorcycles at noon.

"Checks on the suspicious looking bag found 10 bullets of type .38 Spl USA, 10 bullets of type 9mm, 30 bullets of type 357 Mag USA, 16 bullets of Buck Shot 12 Gauge and three bullets of type .22.

"Also found in the bag were 240 yaba pills, 20 grammes of crystal powder suspected to be syabu (methamphetamine) and a tube suspected of containing cannabis seeds," he told a press conference at the Kelantan Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK), here today.

Muhamad Zaki said the PGA9 team then observed the location for about two hours but no one approached or took the bag before all the seized ammunition and drugs were taken to the Kuala Jambu Police Station for further action.

"The various types of ammunition and drugs seized are estimated to be worth RM5,239 and are believed to have been smuggled from neighboring Thailand for the Malaysian market.

"The case will be investigated under Section 8(a) of the Firearms Act 1960 and sections 39A(1) and 12(2) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952," he said.

Meanwhile, in a separate operation, Muhamad Zaki said PGA9 managed to confiscate various brands, flavors and vape cartridges for suspected illegal activity worth more than RM2 million at a house in Kampung Kebakat, Wakaf Bharu, Tumpat, on Sunday. (Aug 4)

He said in the 12.30 am raid, a 34-year-old male suspect who was in the unnumbered house was also arrested.

"The seized items estimated to be worth more than RM2 million (RM2,041,080) have been handed over to the Kelantan Pharmacy Division, Ministry of Health for investigation and further action under Section 13(A) of the Poisons Act 1952," he said.