Members of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has welcomed the move of scaling back the salary received by Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim by 51.54 percent.

Batu Member of Parliament (MP), Tian Chua said the pay cut is consistent with Pakatan's policy.

"A salary cut of the Chief Minister‘s salary has always been PR’s suggestion from the past and it is in line with our policy," said Tian Chua to ASTRO Awani..

Petaling Jaya Utara MP, Tony Pua meanwhile said the salary issue has been a controversy since last year, adding that this was the right time for a pay cut.

"This is the right time for him to take lower wages," he said.

Sinar Harian on Monday reported that Khalid's new salary is RM15, 074.85 after being updated.

Abdul Khalid had said, a total of RM1, 731,966,477 was allocated for expenditure on domestic services in 2014, through the enactment of the supply of 2014-2013 which was approved in November 2013.

"The Council of State Governments (MMKN) had agreed that the pay cuts from the MB pay, speaker, MMKN member, Deputy Speaker' pay to be deposited into the Selangor Economy Fund ," he was quoted as saying.

Through the results by MMKN, the salary and allowances of RM15, 074.85 (51.54 per cent) was cut. This brings to an updated salary for the MB to RM14, 175.15 (equal to the original salary).

Meanwhile, MMKN members, Speaker and the Deputy Speaker received pay cuts between 23.81 percent and 33.34 percent.

However, no deduction was made for the salaries or allowances of those in the Legislative Assembly (Assemblyman).

In an earlier decision made by the State Legislative Assembly (DUN), the Selangor MB was to see his salary increased from RM14, 175.15 to RM29, 250.

This increase was however widely criticised by various parties including the PR.