Proton urges public to not speculate on 'flaming Exora'

Proton today in a statement explained the several photographs that are being circulated on various social media of a Proton Exora bursting into flames at LPT2.

One of the photos that was circulated on social media showing the Exora in flames at the side of the highway. | Astro Awani
PROTON Holdings Berhad (Proton) on Wednesday urged the public to not speculate on the photographs which are making their rounds on social media sites purportedly showing an Exora vehicle in flames.

In a statement, the national car company said they have taken necessary measures to get full details of the situation surrounding the Exora as their priority lies towards customers' safety and performance of their vehicles.

"Proton reiterates that the company does not compromise on any quality issues that will cause malfunction to our engines or cars. Proton Exora is the first national MultiPurpose Vehicle (MPV) with more than 140,000 units sold worldwide," the statement said.

The statement said Proton has gotten in touch with the vehicle owner to ensure the well-being of the owner and his family.

Proton is very concerned of this situation and are investigating this matter closely, the statement said.

"We would like to urge the public not to speculate on the situation," the statement said.

On Tuesday, several photos cropped up in various social media depicting a Proton Exora in flames at the Cheneh exit along the East-Coast Highway Phase 2 (LPT2).

Netizens have claimed that the Exora was faulty due to an increase in temperature as a result of over-filling of fuel and subsequently causing the car to catch fire, while others speculated that the incident was due to a leaking fuel tank.