Contractors and the public here are disappointed with the action of two senior officers of a government agency for abusing their power in a RM3.3 billion infrastructure project in Sabah.

Contractor Badriansyah Mohd Hamdi, 52, said the move not only affected the rice bowl of other Bumiputera contractors but also caused them to lose a source of earning which should have been distributed to registered contractors.

"Projects should be given out by the government in a transparent manner so that it is implemented according to the set procedures.

"As such, we hope the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will expose all irregularities taking place in the country. It is the most serious case of abuse of power which will cause the government to suffer massive losses," he said when contacted by Bernama.

Another contractor, Herry Pengui, 31, hopes the MACC will step up efforts to eradicate such fraud.

"The act is very shameful and as a citizen, I am very disappointed as the project which should benefit the people has been abused by irresponsible individuals," he said.

MACC, on Tuesday seized RM114.5 million from two senior officers of a government agency allegedly siphoned from a RM3.3 billion project in Sabah.

Meanwhile, private sector worker Fozi,45, said the two officers who have served for so long should know better than to cheat the people of their money.

"No wonder the infrastructure project that has been planned for the benefit of Sabahans has been delayed due to criminal breach of trust and corruption.

Sylvernus Gilbert Lee, 32, said the seizure made by MACC showed it was committed to eradicate corruption and abuse of power in the country.

"The MACC should be commended for eliminating corruption and abuse of power which is causing the country to lose millions of public funds," said the private sector employee. -- Bernama