Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on the media to always be guided by the truth.

He said, there is nothing wrong in having an opposing opinions but it must be fair and we must always seek the truth.

"We have to seek the truth, follow the teachings of Islam," he said during the breaking of fast with the media at the Karangkraf Complex in Shah Alam.

Najib also acknowledged the speed at which information travels in this era which inevitably pose a challenge not just for media practitioners but for politicians as well.

"People grasp news at the speed of light and making it (the news) viral seems to be more important than determining the accuracy of the news,” he said.

He remarked that a news report was responsible in shaping public perception.

It's very difficult to change public perception if reports are based on inaccurate information and allows the truth to become lies.

"For example, if has been reported that billions of dollars are missing, where is the proof?" he added.