The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim has ordered the state government to set up a special team to study the appeal to the International Court of Justice on the issue of Pulau Batu Puteh.

Sultan Ibrahim said the move was in line with the wishes of his father, the late Sultan Iskandar who said Pulau Batu Puteh belonged to Johor and the island should remain a part of the state.

He issued the order when officiating the opening of the second term of the 13th State Assembly sitting at Bukit Timbalan here on Thursday.

At the same time, Sultan Ibrahim said local contractors should also benefit from the development of the Pengerang petroleum complex near Kota Tinggi.

He said the development which would have a big impact on Johor's economy should also benefit the people of the state.

On the influx of investors from China into the state, especially in real estate, Sultan Ibrahim said investments such as these were needed for economic development as Johor could depend solely on local investors.

"It is a coincidence that at the moment, only investors from China appear to be interested to come to Johor as they believe in the potential of the state as well as the government's policy of being investor-friendly," he said,

Meanwhile, Sultan Ibrahim also said the Johor State Environment Corporation should be set up, similar to those in Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak, to oversee the state's environment.

Commenting on the weekend rest days in the state, Sultan Ibrahim wanted the Johor state government to streamline rest days for all sectors in the state to Friday and Saturday as had been announced.

He said there were complaints from parents who worked in the private sector and could not spend time with their children as they had to work on Fridays.

Expressing his gratitude that Johor was becoming more prosperous, Sultan Ibrahim reminded all State Assemblymen to place the interests of the people above their political interest.

He also said all State Assemblymen should observe etiquettes of decency and decorum in their debates.

"I would like to remind them of the trust placed upon them by the people to conduct their duties well regardless of religion, race or politics," he said.