KUALA LUMPUR: With Afghanistan again rocked by mosque bombings for the third time in October, world Muslim leaders should immediately voice out their concern and act to prevent the repeat of the tragic incidents.

According to a statement quoting Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia's Chief Operating Officer in Kabul, Syahrir Azfar Saleh, the same pattern of bombing took place yesterday (Friday) in Kandahar with more than 23 people killed.

"Do something before things get worse where we end up seeing never ending war in Afghanistan," the statement said.

The first incident on October 3, 2021 occurred in Eid Gah Mosque in Kabul, killing at least five. Just five days later, another suicide bombing incident took place at a mosque in Kunduz when Afghans were performing their Friday prayers killing more than 80 people.

GPM in its statement of regret over the bombing incident in Kunduz had urged all parties in the conflict to take their differences to the negotiation table, and avoid actions that endanger the safety and the lives of the public.

Yet, the latest incident after a week using the same modus operandi calls for the leaders of Islamic nations to help relieve the pressure in Afghanistan created by those trying to take advantage of the fragile situation there.

Afghans had enough of the cycle of upheavals and should be given the space to get back on their feet in a peaceful and calm atmosphere.