Patience and loyalty are two most important things in the world of politics, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He, who is also UMNO vice-president said, the two factors are significant in placing him where he is now and determining his direction ahead.

"I am patient, I follow the wave, I am loyal to the party, now I am here. Loyalty is important," he said in a talk show produced by Astro AWANI, Obviously Harith Iskander (OHI), on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Zahid said, the political arena today is more sophisticated with new challenges which need to be addressed by the government, especially involving the young generation.

"Now is more sophisticated because we have middle ground groups which the government have to be addressing their issues, as well as demands.

"Their demand has now changed, their need has also changed, we need to address all these.. if we would like to be relevant to this group," he said.

Ahmad Zahid who is also Home Minister emphasised on the importance of respecting each other's religion through a personal childhood story about his foster father, a Chinese ice-cream seller.

"Till now. I respect their religion, they respect my religion. (Citing a Quranic verse) You are with your religion, I am with my religion. That is the direct translation.

"But the real meaning is that, in order for our religion to be respected we must learn to respect other religion too," he said.

During the talk show, the 63-year-old grandfather was presented with a cake in conjunction with Father's Day celebration by his grandchildren, as he was not able to celebrate it on the day itself due to his busy schedule.

The show also featured stand-up comedy artist, Butch Bradley and Dasha Logan, the daughter of the late Alleycats vocalist Loganathan Arumugam.