If you’ve been actively browsing through your social media timeline, you’ve probably come across the Mannequin Challenge.

Only a few weeks old, this craze is expected to be as popular as the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Running Man Challenge.

The Mannequin Challenge has also garnered the attention of celebrities like Beyonce, Adele and former Democratic US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Here are 5 things to know about this new social media phenomenon.

1. What is it?

The Mannequin Challenge is a short video posted on social media which requires participants to remain completely motionless.

This short videos are usually uploaded on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2. What are the rules?

There are no specific rules but participants have to be completely still. Some videos may have a specific theme and participants are required to strike a pose based on the theme.

3. Who started it?

According to technology websites in the United States, the first video of the Mannequin Challenge was uploaded on Twitter by a user known as @pvrity___.

It was uploaded on October 27 and featured a group of high school students from Florida, United States.

The video has since received 4,664 retweets.

4. Purpose of this challenge

Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge which is aimed at promoting awareness on Motor Neurone Disease, the Mannequin Challenge does not have any causes associated to it.

Although participants may challenge others to create their own versions of the Mannequin Challenge, there are also no winners or losers.

5. Who have participated in the Mannequin Challenge?

Notable personalities who have participated in the Mannequin Challenge include Hillary Clinton, singers Adele, Sir Paul McCartney, and Beyonce and host of the Late Late Show, James Corden.

Mannequin challenge

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In Malaysia, radio DJs from Mix FM and television personality Mark O'Dea have participated in the Mannequin Challenge.