A carefree breeze of nostalgia has been lifting spirits on social networks for several weeks now, with the return of a Californian-style summer look that already had a feel-good following two decades ago.

The "Coconut Girl" style is synonymous with the onset of summer, testimony to women's desire for a casual, colorful aesthetic and one that is laidback and easygoing.

Although the health crisis is still far from over, many people around the world are gradually returning to a more "normal" existence. After successive periods of lockdown and restrictions, two major trends now seem to be emerging in the fashion world: daring and carefree.

After a period as trying as the one that has shaped our lives for several months, what could be better than to give full rein to one's eccentric spirit and be carried away by the sweet scent of summer?

This is exactly what the "Coconut Girl" style that has taken over social networks, from Instagram to TikTok, in recent weeks, evokes.

Shells and Hawaiian prints

Just the mere mention of these words, "Coconut Girl," propels us directly to a sandy beach, admiring the setting sun reflected in crystal clear water, a cocktail of fresh fruit juice in hand.

A moment we all look forward to. As a result, this need for all that is carefree, relaxing and lighthearted, translates into an ultra-cool style of outfits, dominated by punchy colors and prints.

And what glorious prints! This trend signals the unequivocal comeback of Hawaiian patterns, as highlighted in the latest report from global fashion search platform Stylight.

Clicks on Hawaiian print jumped 200% in May compared to the previous month. But that's not all. The trend also encompasses the return of jewelry adorned with shells (+47%) and wrap skirts (+17%), which are also part of this trend.

More generally, the hashtag "#coconutgirl" has accumulated more than 44 million views on TikTok, while "#coconutgirlaesthetic" has nearly 8 million to date.

Surfing as a source of inspiration

Ultimately, what's behind the "Coconut Girl" style is the aesthetic of Californian surfers of the 2000s,  characterized by this ever carefree and cool touch that women seem to want to embrace more than ever this year.

As a result, surf-style brand Billabong was also popular on the Stylight platform in May (+28% in clicks), as is the sun protection brand with the exotic name Hawaiian Tropic (+82%), known for its iconic coconut scent.

This desire to let it all go will also be seen this summer through the popularity of ultra-casual accessories such as bucket hats, bandanas, and flip-flops.