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"I have this personal request, Your Highness" - Audio rakaman dipercayai antara Najib dan Putera Mahkota UAE

"I have this personal request, Your Highness" - Audio rakaman dipercayai antara Najib dan Putera Mahkota UAE
Transkrip perbualan yang dipercayai antara bekas Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Putera Mahkota Emiriah Arab Bersatu (UAE) Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan
PUTRAJAYA: Berikut transkrip perbualan yang dipercayai antara bekas Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Putera Mahkota Emiriah Arab Bersatu (UAE), Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan berdasarkan rakaman perbualan yang didedahkan oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

Are you ready to speak with Your Highness

NAJIB :Yes, I'm ready.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: Mr Prime Minister, I apologise for the delay.
NAJIB: You are very prompt. Not to worry Your Highness.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: Mr Prime Minister, I have consulted my guys here and I find Sunday but the catch
to it...
(tidak kedengaran). It will be very unproductive for you and for me. So I'm trying to find a solution.
Mr Prime Minister, Khaldoon has full authority from me. And I really want to find a solution for this problem.
I think it’s very important that somebody meets him and if its fine
(tidak kedengaran) and we should go for it.
It is in our interest to resolve this.

NAJIB: Yes, it is our mutual interest to resolve this. So, you don’t think I should fly over as people will know about it?

PUTERA MAHKOTA: Yes, I think people will know about it.

NAJIB: I see… hmmm. But we really need to resolve this.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: I can let Khaldoon to come there.

NAJIB: You want Khaldoon to come here?

PUTERA MAHKOTA: I think Khaldoon can come there, Mr Prime Minister. Or your minister can come and meet.

NAJIB: When can Khaldoon come here?

PUTERA MAHKOTA: I will call him now. He is in California for a visit and I can let him stop and shoot from there.

NAJIB: I have this personal request, Your Highness. That relates to Riza, my son and his movie. You see, the problem is relatively small if there can be an agreement with Sheikh Mansour to have a loan agreement signed and he will pay back according to the schedule. That will show that it’s a legitimate financing package and not money laundering, you see.

At the moment, he is under a bit of pressure in America. We are worried about him, in case they make him the scapegoat.

I would appreciate if the big package looks positive, we can find a solution, I believe. I would appreciate if that agreement can be signed quickly with Sheikh Mansour or whoever is designated by Sheikh Mansour so that he can begin to pay back.

He’s paid back some and he can continue to pay back so that it will appear as a legitimate loan agreement, which it is, you see.

Because when he received it, the banks cleared his source of money. So, he was not aware at all where it came from, you see.

I don’t want him to be a victim when he was totally unaware about the source of money. He genuinely believed it was from Aabar under the instructions of Sheikh Mansour, you see.

And remember, Your Highness also talked about helping him when he was in Abu Dhabi.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: (Tidak kedengaran)

NAJIB: That's right. So, I need that agreement to be sorted out quickly, Your Highness. That’s my special request. As soon as possible. I mean if by Monday or Tuesday we need to have the agreement signed. Can you suggest how we can do that?

PUTERA MAHKOTA: I’ll be (tidak kedengaran) Mr Prime Minister. (Tidak kedengaran) I understand this is your son and that we really really want (tidak kedengaran).

NAJIB: He’s totally innocent. All he wants is to make movies and there was an offer of loan from Sheikh Mansour from Aabar.

Also you mentioned it when we were at lunch at the restaurant about supporting him. So, he thought everything was fine. But now they are trying to connect him with 1MDB’s money and it came as a shock to him, you see.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: (Tidak kedengaran) Insya-Allah.

NAJIB: Time is of the essence your highness. We cannot leave it a day longer because we don’t want
the Departmentof Justice to suddenly move against him.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: (Tidak kedengaran)

NAJIB: Where do we go from here then? He’s got all the documents with him.

PUTERA MAHKOTA: Let me talk to Khaldoon right now Mr Prime Minister. I will let him call you at (tidak kedengaran) arrange something immediately.

NAJIB: Do you have the number for Amhari ? If he can call Amhari straight away and then can we work out and resolve this?

PUTERA MAHKOTA: Mr Prime Minister, believe me, I want to finish this. This is bad.

NAJIB: Thank you, thank you Your Highness. This is very bad. Very serious and it could lead to something very unforeseen and catastrophic for me and for our government and for you and your side.

So, it is to our mutual interest that we, being so close, that we need to resolve. It is not something that is which is not impossible. It is something within our means to resolve it. So, what do you want me to do, your highness?

PUTERA MAHKOTA: I’ll get Amhari, Mr Prime Minister and then (tidak kedengaran).

NAJIB: Call Amhari? Okay. I let Amhari know straight away.

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