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Walking between worlds - A Young Chinese Indonesian straddles modernity and tradition

A street scene in Glodok. Glodok in West Jakarta is the citys -Chinatown-.
The hustle and bustle of the Glodok market.
A Muslim lady riding pillion carries Chinese New Year decorations at a crossroads in Glodok.
Incense sticks spew smoke at the Vihara Temple in Glodok.
Arifin Kurniawan at the Vihara temple.
Arifin posing with his lion head at the back of Vihara, where he rehearses lion dancing.
A tiny convenience store Ariffins family runs out of their house.
Arifin and his father in their living room. At only 70m2, the house can barely fit the team and Arifins family.
A miniature garden at the nearby Vihara temple.
Arifin leads prayers at the Fat Cu Kung shrine in Glodok
The founder and spiritual figure of the Fat Cu Kung Shrine, Tan Tek Shu Sian.
Arifin burns a paper talisman to prepare for his possession
In a gruesome ritual, Arifin pierces his cheeks with a needle.
Arifin conducts a purification ritual, bathing an adherent in flower water.
Arifin often sits at the Vihara temple; the sacred space is a place of contemplation.
Chinese New Year hampers galore at the Glodok market.
Arifin holdings his hands in prayer at the Vihara temple.