Name of Contest Pemberian Bandana & Skaf AWANI!
Brief Description of Contest/Programme A giveaway contest held in conjunction with AWANI's newsletter subscription.
Brief mechanism of Contest New subscribers of AWANI’s Newsletter stand a chance to win AWANI’s Bandana or Scarf.

A total of 20 lucky winners will be announced weekly. Contest will run for 9 weeks (starting from 25th Feb to 28th April as set out in Clause 9 below) with a grand total of 180 winners during the contest period.

The Contestants must adhere to the mechanism of the Contest as may be notified or communicated by the Organiser during the Contest Period.
Eligibility Criteria a) Subject to other criteria set out below and in the Contest Standard Terms and Conditions, the Contest is open to all Malaysians of the Age of Eligibility below.

b) Contestants must be Malaysian citizens and must possess valid Malaysian Identity Cards.
Ineligibility Employees and scholars of Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad and its group of companies, and their *immediate family members.

*“immediate family members” means spouse, children, parents, brothers and sisters
Age of Eligibility a) There is no age restriction for participation in this Contest.

b) However, Contestants who are below the age of 18 as at 25th February 2019 must obtain the consent of his/her parent or legal guardian in order to be eligible to participate in the Contest and to receive the Prize. The Organiser considers it the responsibility of parents and/or guardian to monitor their children’s participation in this Contest.
Charges The Organiser does not charge for Contest entries submitted by Contestants.
Contest Period The Contest Period for each week is defined as below:-
WeekStart Date/Time and End Date/Time
1 25th February 2019 6.00am – 3rd March 2019 11.59pm
2 4th March 2019 6.00am – 10th March 2019 11.59pm
3 11th March 2019 6.00am – 17th March 2019 11.59pm
4 18th March 2019 6.00am – 24th March 2019 11.59pm
5 25th March 2019 6.00am – 31st March 2019 11.59pm
6 1st April 2019 6.00am – 7th April 2019 11.59pm
7 8th April 2019 6.00am – 14th April 2019 11.59pm
8 15th April 2019 6.00am – 21st April 2019 11.59pm
9 22nd April 2019 6.00am – 28th April 2019 11.59pm
The Organiser reserves the right to vary, postpone or re-schedule the Contest Period or any dates thereof at its sole discretion.
Language of Contest Bahasa Malaysia
Entry Procedure To participate in a particular week, Contestants are required to:
- Log on to www.astroawani.com and click on the 'Pemberian Bandana & Skaf AWANI' tab to enter Contest page;
- Complete all particulars as requested in the registration form;
- Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice and check on the acknowledgement box to indicate acceptance thereof; and
- Click on ‘Hantar’ tab to complete registration.

The Organiser shall be entitled to request to sight the original Identity Card or the originals of other supporting documents/materials for verification purposes.
Entry Deadline All entries for the week concerned must be received by the Organiser on or before the Entry Deadline below:
Week Entry Deadline
1 3rd March 2019 11.59pm
2 10th March 2019 11.59pm
3 17th March 2019 11.59pm
4 24th March 2019 11.59pm
5 31st March 2019 11.59pm
6 7th April 2019 11.59pm
7 14th April 2019 11.59pm
8 21st April 2019 11.59pm
9 28th April 2019 11.59pm
Entries received before the commencement of the Contest Period and after the stipulated Entry Deadline will be disqualified and ineligible for consideration for Prizes.
Mode Website
Address www.astroawani.com
Selection of Winners For each of the 9 weeks during the contest period, Contest winners will be chosen based on a computer-generated random twenty (20) e-mail address.

Organiser’s decision will be final and no queries and/or appeals will be entertained.
Prize For each week during the Contest Period: -

Prize x 20
- One (1) Astro AWANI’s merchandise for either one of the following types:
1) Bandana, or
2) Scarf

Contestants are required to state their choice of merchandise in the registration form. The Organiser reserves the sole right in determining the choice of merchandise that will be awarded to the Winners and which is subject to availability. No requests and/or appeals for changing the merchandise shall be entertained.
Notification of winners The Contest Winners will be announced and published by the Organiser on the Organiser’s website at www.astroawani.com on or before the following date:
Week Date of Notification of Winners
1 4th March 2019
2 11th March 2019
3 18th March 2019
4 25th March 2019
5 1st April 2019
6 8th April 2019
7 15th April 2019
8 22nd April 2019
9 29th April 2019
Collection Period Within 1 month from the date of Notification of winners by the Organiser.
Prizes not collected within the stipulated period will be forfeited.
Collection Venue Individual Collection: KL/Selangor Only

- Astro AWANI, 1st Floor, Exchange Square Annexe, Bukit Kewangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
or any other venue as may be determined by the Organiser.

by Post: Outside of KL/Selangor - Prizes to be sent to Winners’ address as provided in the registration form of this Contest or such other location as may be decided by the Organiser. Winners may be required to collect the Prizes at a location to be decided by the Organiser if so notified.
Additional Terms, if any - Eligible Contestants may only submit one (1) entry in this Contest. In addition, each Contestant is only entitled to one (1) Prize throughout the Contest Period. Any subsequent entry if so received or Prize even if so announced shall be null and void.
- The Organiser shall bear no responsibility for any loss and/or damage to the Prizes delivered by post.
- The Organiser reserves the right to automatically disqualify any Contestant with multiple, fictitious, phantom and/or bogus accounts/profiles.



Anda dimaklumkan bahawa data peribadi dan maklumat selainnya (secara keseluruhan, “Data Peribadi”) yang diberikan di dalam borang pendaftaran atau permohonan anda bakal digunakan dan diproses oleh MEASAT BROADCAST NETWORK SYSTEMS SDN BHD dan syarikat sekutunya (“MBNS”) bagi maksud-maksud berikut:-
  1. mempertimbangkan permohonan anda untuk menyertai rancangan dan/atau pertandingan yang dikelolakan dan/atau diterbitkan oleh MBNS;
  2. untuk berhubung dengan anda;
  3. untuk memproses transaksi-transaksi pembayaran;
  4. menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan anda;
  5. melaksanakan kegiatan-kegiatan dalaman;
  6. untuk memberi anda maklumat tentang produk-produk dan perkhidmatan-perkhidmatan MBNS, perbadanan-perbadanan berkaitan dan rakan-rakan perniagaan;
  7. kegiatan-kegiatan perniagaan MBNS selainnya yang sah; dan/atau
  8. maksud-maksud selainnya seperti yang termaktub di dalam Terma-Terma dan Syarat-Syarat. (secara keseluruhan, “Maksud-Maksud”)
Seterusnya, sila maklum bahawa sekiranya diperlukan bagi mana-mana Maksud-Maksud yang dinyatakan di atas, Data Peribadi anda mungkin dihantar ke lokasi-lokasi di luar Malaysia atau dizahirkan kepada perbadanan berkaitan, pemegang lesen, rakan perniagaan dan/atau pemberi khidmat, yang mungkin berada di dalam atau luar Malaysia. Selain dari yang dinyatakan di sini, Data Peribadi anda tidak akan, dengan sedarinya, dipindahkan ke mana-mana tempat di luar Malaysia atau dizahirkan ke mana-mana pihak ketiga.

Bagi membolehkan kami memproses Data Peribadi anda, persetujuan anda diperlukan. Sekiranya anda tidak memberi persetujuan berkenaan, kami tidak dapat memproses Data Peribadi anda bagi mana-mana Maksud-Maksud yang dinyatakan di atas dan permohonan anda untuk menyertai rancangan dan/atau pertandingan berkenaan tidak dapat kami pertimbangkan.

Anda boleh pada bila-bila masa selepas ini mengemukakan pertanyaan, aduan dan meminta akses kepada, dan pembetulan terhadap, Data Peribadi atau menghadkan pemprosesan Data Peribadi anda dengan menghantar permintaan berkenaan kepada Pegawai Perlindungan Data Peribadi MBNS menerusi pos berdaftar atau emel seperti yang dinyatakan di bawah:

Alamat pos: Pegawai Perlindungan Data Peribadi
Peti Surat 10148 50710 Kuala Lumpur
Alamat emel: pdpo@astro.com.my

Anda mengakui dan menjamin bahawa anda telah mendapatkan persetujuan pihak-pihak ketiga (misalnya, ahli-ahli keluarga) yang mana data peribadi mereka telah anda zahirkan di dalam borang permohonan penyertaan untuk membenarkan MBNS memproses data peribadi tersebut bagi Maksud-Maksud yang dinyatakan.


Please be informed that the personal data and other information (collectively, “Personal Data”) provided in your registration or application form may be used and processed by MEASAT BROADCAST NETWORK SYSTEMS SDN BHD and its affiliates (“MBNS”) for the following purposes:-
  1. assessing your application for, and administering your participation in programmes and/or contests organized and/or produced by MBNS;
  2. to communicate with you;
  3. to process your payment transactions;
  4. to respond to your inquiries;
  5. to conduct internal activities;
  6. to provide you with information on products and services of MBNS, its related corporations and business partners;
  7. other legitimate business activities of MBNS; and/or
  8. such other purposes as set out in the Terms and Conditions. (collectively “Purposes”)
Further, please be informed that if required for any of the foregoing Purposes, your Personal Data may be transferred to locations outside Malaysia or disclosed to our related corporations, licensees, business partners and/or service providers, who may be located within or outside Malaysia. Save for the foregoing, your Personal Data will not be knowingly transferred to any place outside Malaysia or be knowingly disclosed to any third party.

In order to process your Personal Data, your consent is required. If you do not consent, we cannot process your Personal Data for any of the above Purposes and we will not be able to consider your application for participation in the programme and/or contest.

You may at any time hereafter make inquiries, complaints and request for access to, or correction of, your Personal Data or limit the processing of your Personal Data by submitting such request to the Personal Data Protection Officer of MBNS via registered post or email as set out below.

Postal address: Personal Data Protection Officer
MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd Peti Surat 10148
50710 Kuala Lumpur
Email address: pdpo@astro.com.my

You represent and warrant that you have obtained the consent of third parties (e.g. family members) whose personal data you have provided in the contestant application form to allow MBNS to process the said personal data for the Purposes.

The Basic Terms and the Contest Standard Terms and Conditions (collectively “Terms and Conditions”) and the Privacy Notice shall be binding on all contestants who participate in this Contest (“Contestants”). The definitions in the Contest Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply unless otherwise expressly stated in the Basic Terms. In the event of any inconsistency between the Basic Terms, the Contest Standard Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice, the Basic Terms and the Privacy Notice shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.

Entry and participation in the Contest shall be deemed an unconditional acceptance by the Contestants of the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice.

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