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Abe, Mahathir hopeful that US-NKorea summit will be a success

Japanese Prime Minister and his Malaysian counterpart on Tuesday expressed their hope for a successful summit between the US and North Korea. Talking at a news conference, Shinzo Abe expressed his hope that the summit will bring progress in resolving the issue of Japanese abductees held in North Korea. "North Korea is blessed with the abundant resources and diligent workforce, and if takes the right direction, it holds a bright future". He added. 92 year-old Malaysian Premier, Mahathir Mohamad, expressed hope for an outcome following the momentous summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, but also said that "both sides must be prepared to give in certain issues if they expect to reach a good conclusion." At the end of the news conference, Abe gifted Mahathir Japan's national football team's shirt with his name and the number "7", to mark Mahathir's status, being the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia.