ANTARA pelbagai berita luar negara yang disiarkan di Astro AWANI, berikut adalah yang paling menjadi tumpuan sepanjang hari ini, Ahad, 27 September 2020.

1) Hampir 90,000 kes COVID-19 baharu dalam tempoh 24 jam, India dijangka lepasi AS

India mencatatkan 88,600 kes baharu COVID-19 dalam tempoh 24 jam, lapor Kementerian Kesihatan negara itu pada Ahad.

Dalam pada itu, sebanyak 1,124 lagi kes kematian dilaporkan, sekali gus menjadikan jumlah kematian di negara itu meningkat kepada 94,503 kes.

2) COVID-19: Indonesia kini catat 275,213 kes, kematian 10,386

Indonesia mencatatkan sebanyak 3,874 jangkitan baharu COVID-19 dalam tempoh 24 jam, menjadikan jumlah keseluruhan kes di republik itu kini mencecah 275,213 kes.

Berdasarkan data yang disiarkan di laman Twitter rasmi Badan Nasional Pengurusan Bencana Indonesia pada Ahad, seramai 129,553 lagi pesakit masih dalam pemantauan virus berkenaan.

3) COVID-19: 15 kes baharu di Singapura

Singapura dalam pengesahan awal melaporkan 15 kes baharu jangkitan COVID-19 dalam tempoh 24 jam lepas, termasuk lima kes import.

Dalam data ringkas yang dikeluarkan di sini hari ini, menurut Kementerian Kesihatan (MOH) republik itu semua kes import telah diserahkan Notis Duduk Di Rumah sebaik tiba di Singapura.

4)  Doing intermittent fasting wrong could make you gain weight

Although it has been around for some time, intermittent fasting remains one of the most popular energy restriction diets today.

As the name suggests, it involves following a precise schedule with intervals of fasting and specific times in the day when you are allowed to eat.

5) Carbon monoxide kills 16 in coal mine in southwest China

Sixteen people died Sunday in a coal mine in southwestern China because of excessively high levels of carbon monoxide, authorities and state media said.

A total of 17 people were trapped in the mine, the Chongqing municipal government said on its social media account. One person was taken to a hospital, and the others showed no signs of life, the post said.

6) California to ban sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Wednesday ordered all passenger vehicles sold in the state to be zero-emission by 2035 to fight climate change and smog-fouled air.

The transportation sector causes more than half of California's carbon pollution, and parts of the state are vexed by some of the most toxic air in the country, according to the governor's office.

7) 'Taiwan is Taiwan': China name dispute moves from birds to climate change

The dispute over international organisations referring to Taiwan as Chinese has moved from wild bird conservation to climate change, after a global alliance of mayors began listing Taiwanese cities as belonging to China on its website.

China has ramped up pressure on international groups and companies, no matter how small or obscure, to refer to democratic Taiwan as being part of China, to the anger of Taiwan's government and many of its people.

8) Trump picks Barrett as he moves to tilt U.S. Supreme Court rightward

President Donald Trump on Saturday nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and she pledged to become a justice in the mold of the late staunch conservative Antonin Scalia, setting another milestone in Trump's rightward shift of the top U.S. judicial body.

Trump's announcement during a flag-festooned White House Rose Garden ceremony - with Barrett, 48, by his side and her seven children on hand - sets off a scramble by Senate Republicans to confirm her as the president has requested before Election Day in 5-1/2 weeks, when he will be seeking a second term in office.