Berikut transkrip perbualan yang dipercayai antara bekas Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan isterinya, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor berdasarkan rakaman perbualan yang didedahkan oleh Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

ROSMAH: Hi. Apa cerita? Can i advise u? Can i advise u something? (jerit).

NAJIB: Ya... ya... okey... anything?

ROSMAH: You still don't listen to me. They tell you to slow down on Abu Kassim (Tan Sri Abu Kassim)... but Abu Kassim is making a statements... ambil gambar dengan Pak Lah (Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi).

Eh ... we are making him looking like a hero and you are the villain... and all these five people, can't they see their first priority is you, not anybody else?

NAJIB: Which five people?

ROSMAH: In your office-lah. (Beberapa nama yang disebut tidak kedengaran). Amhari (Amhari Effendi Nazaruddin), Tengku (Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad). You know like kita ni semua villains.

NAJIB: No... no... no... no... no. I allowed Azwan to make the statement, dah impact dah bagus dah.

ROSMAH: Tak... Azwan. Okey fine. Now, today Abu Kassim in xxxx (akhbar Bahasa Malaysia). Why is it they allow Abu Kassim ambil gambar dengan Pak Lah lagi? And he has the cheek to thank Pak Lah and everybody except you okay. That's not fair.

NAJIB: Hmmmm…

ROSMAH: So please...

NAJIB: Understand... understand... I’ve already signed the letter for Dzul’s (Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad) appointment.

ROSMAH: And Abu Zahar can make like statement oh must be for good... but they have lobbied... we know they have lobbied.

NAJIB: Abu Zahar buat statement, biarlah...

ROSMAH: Abu Zahar, dia buat (kenyataan) dalam xxxx (akhbar Bahasa Malaysia). Can't you see now what I am talking about or not?

NAJIB: Haa... itulah dia...

ROSMAH: I don't like this.

NAJIB: Okay... okay...

ROSMAH: Darling, you are the Prime Minister, you should take charge, not anybody else, okay.

NAJIB: Ya, I understand.

ROSMAH: I told Shahlan (Datuk Shahlan Ismail). Shahlan kalau you nak tolong, kenapa you tak tolong the moment the thing happened. You should have come and push me and how can I help, up to one week.

I said I don't understand, because orang dah buat complained against Abu Kassim.

He is in trouble ... oh baru you nak datang? Nak bercakap?

Kenapa you tak cakap one week ago? Yang kita ni satu minggu, yang kita ni sakit hati, sakit badan, sakit kepala.

NAJIB: Hmm.. hmm...hmm ...

ROSMAH: That thing is not difficult... just solve and see that. They have to trust us like we trust them ... you know.

NAJIB: That's why Amhari told me, I said you go and talk to Khaldoon (Khaldoon Al-Mubarak), try to convince him this, because there is no point going arbitration.

I kata, if you going for arbitration everybody will get hurt... you see, I can speak to the Crown Prince the Crown Prince out of his time, they can go back... oh I need to consult Khaldoon, balik pada kat situ.

ROSMAH: You cannot blame him-lah... that's budaya dia, so we have to work around the budaya, dia punya culture, I don't know.

Maybe Khaldoon should come here and talk to you and Amhari.

That's how I feel, not just talking over the telephone and all, it doesn't work.

NAJIB: We can invite him here.

ROSMAH: Invite him and sort it out once and for all, I mean he knows us, bukannya dia tak kenal kita, kau dah makan minum rumah kita semua... haaa... please invite him.

NAJIB: That is a good idea, we can invite him here, sure, I'll tell him that.

ROSMAH: And Amhari and sit down... tell him the picture and in the mean time, we can also sort out with Riza ... Riza punya masalah, bukan banyak and masalah is just somewhere along the line but the thing is not completed, itu je.

NAJIB: Sure... sure... sure.

ROSMAH: Tell Khaldoon, he can bring his lawyer, come down, I think a lot... rather than... nak tunggu siang... nak tunggu malam.

NAJIB: Okey. I can suggest to Amhari invite him here, ya ...

ROSMAH: They we’ll tell Crown Prince. When Khaldoon is here and talk to us and settle it all, once and for all, we wasted one week already.

NAJIB: Ya... ya... we can invite him here, we are not wasted, things are moving already, dia orang ni dia nak tengok some movement on the other side, the Chinese side, the Chinese side is moving already, you see.

ROSMAH: That's why not many people can stop.

NAJIB: Ya, we can invite him here.

ROSMAH: Invite him here immediately and then we tell the accountant that Khaldoon is coming here.

I know for sure Sheikh Mansor (Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan) wants to solve this .... but they are not the... and talk to you ... bukan nak ada duit je...

NAJIB: Okay ... we can do that, I'll speak to Amhari after this to invite (Khaldoon).

ROSMAH: Or or you just talk to Khaldoon... please come here solve everything in one go, nak tunggu siang, siang nak tunggu malam, you know, at least something for our gap.

NAJIB: Okay ... okay ... okay...

ROSMAH: Please darling.

NAJIB: I'll speak to Amhari.