Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has filed a defamation suit against the managing director of Harakah, Dr Rosli Yaakob and the chief editor of the portal Harakahdaily, Taufek Yahya regarding the issue on the crisis-stricken 1MDB fund.

Najib filed the suit on Wednesday (March 18) through Messrs Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubarak at the High Court Registrar's Office, here.

The writ of the summons was obtained by reporters today after lawyer Fahmi Adilah, representing Najib, handed over the summons to Rosli and Taufek at the Harakah office.

Najib named Rosli and Taufek as the first and second defendants.

The summons concerned the publication of the article written by Rosli on Feb 19 on the 1MDB fund issue.

According to the statement of claim, Najib said the article contained words which referred to him with malicious intent that he had abused the fund belonging to 1MDB.

Najib claimed that following the publication of the article, his reputation had been affected and he was criticised in the social media with various accusations which were insulting and shameful.

He added that, Taufek, meanwhile, had failed to practice the principles of 'responsible journalism' to verify the validity of the words written and failed to take measures to obtain any clarification before publishing the words.

Najib also claimed that the defendants deliberately published the defamatory article to destroy public trust and confidence in him to proceed with the personal agenda of the defendants without considering the sensitivity of the issue raised.

He also claimed that on Feb 26, his lawyer had sent a notice of claim for the defendants to stop making statements on the defamatory article and to tender an unconditional written apology and the withdrawal of the statement.

Najib also demanded for a pldege that the defendants would not issue the defamatory statement or anything similar and to pay compensation for damaging his reputation, costs and expenses incurred by him.

However, he claimed that the defendants had refused to give any written reply to the notice of claims and this showed that the defendants had no regrets for publishing the article.

In his suit, Najib claimed for general damages, aggravated damages, examplary damages, interests and an injunction to prevent the defendants or their assistants from publishing the article.

Also sought was an order for the defendants to tender a written apology for publication in the press.