A foul-mouthed TV personality is paying a heavy price for his own action.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Dr Harussani Zakaria said, the detail shared on Azwan Ali's Twitter is proof of a hypocrite.

“His attitude doesn’t reflect a Muslim who is fasting and abstaining himself from committing sins. The fasting month is a month good Muslims are reborn.

“The act of mudslinging especially those unjustly directed to anyone is an unbecoming attitude of a Muslim. He did not only accuse unjustly but his remarks were just full of ill-intentions,” he said, when contacted by Astro AWANI, here today.

Dr Harussani was commenting on Azwan’s scathing comment in a reply to one of his Twitter followers, recently.

Azwan's Twitter post was presumably straightforward. He posed a question on which restaurant in town could whip out the best Western dish to satiate his craving for a meal of steak for his break of fast. A slew of his Twitter followers responded with one innocently suggested an eatery called, ‘Me ‘nate’.

He uncharacteristically misinterpreted the response and what followed was Azwan (who named the follower NurAziraWA) spewing vulgarities at the latter in his reply. His reply may seemed 'tame' to him but a large quarter of social media users were clearly a tad 'uncomfortable' with his post.

Dr Harussani said Azwan should appreciate the message that lies within the al-Hujurat verse – which clearly seeks for religious people to abstain themselves from having ill-feelings towards others.

The verses in the prayer clearly seek for religious people to avoid finding faults in other people, apart from talking bad about others.

Dr Harussani had reportedly said that any Muslim individuals should not question Islamic law pertaining to aurat to those not their mahrams (non-marriageable men) -- as stated in the al-Quran and hadith -- including stripping off their modesty particularly in sporting activities. And that women are not permitted to appear to their 'mahrams' in her adornment without excessive display of beauty.

He said that the issue was self-explanatory and Muslims should not get carried away with Western code of dressing.