KUALA TERENGGANU: Four years ago, tragedy befell six siblings when they lost their beloved mother due to liver cancer.

On Sept 27, the siblings were tested again when they lost their father due to COVID-19.

The responsibility of taking care of the younger siblings now rests on the shoulders of the eldest sister, Cempaka Imam Zulkepeli, 20 and her husband, Muhammad Khairul Syafiq Anwar, 26.

Cempaka Imam said she would not part with her younger siblings and was determined to take care of them as best she could to fulfil the vow of their late father, Zulkepeli Ramli, 61.

"Our love is not the same as that of our late parents, nevertheless, my husband and I need to stay strong and make sure they get the best education.

"Thankfully, many are concerned about our fate and are willing to extend assistance, including the Kuala Terengganu Member of Parliament's office and the Wakaf Mempelam State Assembly office, who often send basic necessities to us," she said when met by reporters here today.

Cempaka Imam is taking care of Kasih Nurani, 17; Sayang Murni, 15; Suci Sufiah, 13, Wali Al-Hadad, 10 and Waiz Al-Syahid (8).

Special officer to Kuala Terengganu Member of Parliament, Mohd Azmi Ali said he would continue to monitor the situation of the six siblings and provide assistance according to their current needs.

"We are helping to prepare school supplies for these children to start the school session on Nov 8. I have also discussed with the school for the two sisters to stay in the hostel so that their lives and studies will be more organised.

"To help Cempaka Imam, we will consult with any government departments and agencies related to entrepreneurship to provide her with capital and equipment to start a cake and delicacy business because she is interested and has skills in the field," he said.