DURING the month of December 2023, Malaysia, which was formerly lauded as a peaceful sanctuary, has had a huge increase in the number of homicide incidents, which has permanently damaged its reputation.

Over the course of this brief time span, more than ten occurrences have provoked widespread worry across the nation, completely upsetting the concept of peace and tranquilly.

In comparison to all of these incidents, the brutal murder of Zayn Rayyan, a child who was widely known diagnosed with autism, stands out as a particularly terrible occurrence that has had a significant impact on the collective consciousness of the nation.

It has come to the attention of the public that Zayn Rayyan, a young child diagnosed with autism, was discovered dead in the vicinity of his residence.

Reflection on the most nefarious aspects of human nature has been prompted as a result of the tremendous brutality of the event.

An additional disturbing event took place when the body of an accountant was found in Kampung Cheras Baru.

This discovery prompted concerns regarding the personal wellbeing of residents living in residential zones that were nominally secured.

There is a third incident in which a story of betrayal is told. In this instance, a Bangladeshi guy met his end at the hands of his own acquaintance for a reason that appears to be of little consequence: the disturbing of
his friend's sleep.

This sheds light on the precarious nature of friendships and the potential for aggressive behaviour in circumstances that nobody could have predicted.

The tragic death of a woman, who was stabbed multiple times after a “lunch date” with the same person she just ate with, the case motive was suspected to cause by jealousy, this serves to illustrate the dangerous
consequences that can result from jealousy.

Through an examination of the psychological aspects of envy, it has been discovered that this trait has the ability to develop into acts that are potentially fatal.

It has been determined that jealousy, which is a strong and destructive emotion, is a feature that emerges repeatedly in a number of these situations.

The fact that it plays such a significant role in encouraging people to engage in morally reprehensible actions highlights how important it is to be conscious of and in control of one's feelings.

It is essential to foster a culture that encourages empathy, self-reflection, and knowledge of mental health in order to accomplish the goal of lowering the hazards that are connected with envy.

Additionally, the establishment of support mechanisms that encourage open and honest communication can act as a barrier against the negative repercussions that might result from feeling jealousy that is not
under control.

The story of a spouse accused of murdering his spouse with a dumbbell illustrates the issue of domestic violence and underscores the critical demand for intervention in such abusive situations.

The sixth instance, which involves siblings whose disagreements escalated to the point where they resulted in fatalities, illustrates the significance of conflict resolution and mental health help within families.

A disturbing incidence of misuse of authority was brought to light by the distressing incident in which a police officer ran over a SPM as a result from a road rage.

These instances weaken the confidence of the general public and bring to light the necessity of implementing stringent measures to guarantee responsibility within organisational structures that are responsible for law enforcement.

Then, the fact that a foreigner was killed as a result of a traffic argument in Penampang serves as a significant reminder of the significance of addressing societal issues such as road rage and advocating for the resolution of conflicts.

Given that the ninth incidence involves the tragic death of parents at the hands of their drug-dependent

it serves as a prime example of the urgent need for comprehensive drug rehabilitation programmes and mental health initiatives across the board.

The culminating incidence, which involves the discovery of a murdered woman who had lacerations throughout her body, brings attention to the more widespread issue of violence directed towards women. In order to address this matter, it is necessary to implement a comprehensive approach that includes modifications to the legislation, education of the general public, and aid programmes for people who are
impacted by it.

Concerns have been raised about fundamental issues affecting society, such as mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse, and the integrity of law enforcement, as a result of the rise in the number of homicide cases in Malaysia.

There are a number of factors that may be contributing to the escalation of violent incidents, including economic suffering, social inequality, and political unpredictability.

Remaining vigilant, maintaining situational awareness, and placing one's own personal safety as a top priority are all crucial steps to take in order to prevent being the target of an attack. In order to cultivate a society that is more secure, it is essential to take actions such as encouraging community involvement, bringing to
light questionable behaviours, and advocating for improvements in society.

The nation's reputation for tranquilly and concord has been marred as a result of the recent increase in the number of homicide cases throughout Malaysia.

In light of these distressing incidents, it is of the utmost importance to address the underlying problems, increase awareness about mental health, and build a culture of empathy.

The implementation of these actions is necessary in order to reestablish a sense of security and general well-being within the community.

It is only through the concerted efforts of the people of Malaysia that the country will be able to recover its status as a secure and peaceful nation. 

* Muhammad Isyraf Zulfatah is a student at the Faculty of Leadership and Management of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. 

** The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of Astro AWANI.