Three people were killed, including two who were burnt to death, after a house in Kampung Tumu Batu 10 Jalan Matang, near here, was set on fire by a man today.

It is learnt that the suspect had earlier hacked an occupant of the house, Mohd Joe Abdullah, 23, in the neck and waist with a parang, killing him.

Then, he set the house, which was occupied by 10 people, on fire, killing the other two, identified only as Noraini, 62, and Daud, 64.

It is learnt, via the Fire and Rescue Department infoblast on WhatsApp, an emergency call on the fire was received at 3.43 pm.

According to Mohd Joe's grief-striken wife, Sofia Asan, 17, she carried her one-year-old daughter and managed to escape the fire in time via the back door with her mother.

"However, my grandmother who was ill and my blind grandfather perished in the fire," she told reporters at the scene.

Sofia said her father, Hasan (only one name available), 36, was slashed in the neck when he tried to draw away the suspect in trying to help her, her child and mother to escape.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Fire and Rescue assistant director operations Farhan Sufyan Borhan said they were alerted on the incident at 3.43pm and dispatched a team of eight firefighters from the Petrajaya fire station.

"On arrival at 4.11pm, the house was 100 per cent destroyed. Firemen discovered the three bodies after the flames were extinguished at 4.40pm," he said.

Bernama found forensics teams from the Fire and Rescue Department and police busy scouring the scene. -- BERNAMA