The Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) will look into the best ways to send home students from institutions of higher education (IPT) from their campuses, said its Minister, Noraini Ahmad.

She said the matter would be brought to the Special Ministerial Meeting on COVID-19 tomorrow (Saturday).

"Following the announcement made by the Prime Minister on the extension of the Movement Control Order, I and the ministry briefly continued the discussion and explored the best ways to send students still on campus to their homes.

"I would like students to not only be home with their families but to be in good health and stay safe," she said on her Twitter site on Friday.

Earlier, the media reported that a small number of students and parents were seeking permission for the students to return home following the anticipation that the Movement Control Order (MCO) would be extended.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in his special address earlier today said the Phase 3 of the MCO would be extended from April 15 to April 28.