The Meteorological Department of Malaysia (MetMalaysia) advised Ranau residents in Sabah to be on alert for the next 24 hours for possible aftershocks.

The advice came following a 6.0-magnitude quake in the area this morning.

MetMalaysia said they are currently monitoring the situation.

The district's Fire and Rescue Department, when contacted, said they have requested for backup from their air unit to begin operations to help climbers who are stranded on the mountains of Ranau.

The department said they have received reports that rubble are blocking the climber's path to safety.

The department was also going around town, together with other government agencies including the Public Works Department, to monitor the surroundings as well as a precaution should there be a need for evacuations.

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Meanwhile, Bernama reported that it was a different scene altogether in the town of Tawau. Reports claimed that the locals there were carrying about their daily duties as per normal.

Residents who were interviewed said they did not feel any tremors. Ranau is located some 441km from Tawau.