The skeletal remains of a child believed to be one of the missing Pos Tohoi Orang Asli child was found at Sungai Perias at 11.20am today.

The remains were found around 10 metres from the location where two Orang Asli children were found safe on Wednesday.

The remains were then taken out by boat and arrived at the Sungai Perias bank at 1.30pm and was later taken to the Gua Musang General Hospital for post-mortem.

The remains was the second of such discovery during the search and rescue (SAR) operation. Only one Orang Asli child remain to be found, since they were reported missing on August 23.

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A total of 127 officers were assigned for the SAR operation of the missing Orang Asli children. This included 53 members of the Malaysian Armed Forces, 11 of the Royal Malaysian Police, 30 gerneral troops and nine education officers.

Seven Orang Asli students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Pos (SK) Tohoi, Gua Musang, were reported missing on August 23 when they failed to return to their hostel.

To date three bodies have been found with one of them identified as Sasa Sobrie after identification process on October 8.

Two children Norieen Yaakob, 10 and Mirsudiar Aluj, 11 were found safe on Friday.