The Sabah Fire and Rescue Department has begun operations to seek and rescue climbers on Mount Kinabalu who are stranded following the 6.0-magnitude earthquake which struck Ranau early today.

The department said, they received reports that rockfalls might have obstructed the climbers’ path to safety.

The department’s deputy chief, Zuraidah Latip said currently, there were at least 195 climbers and 43 guides on Mount Kinabalu.

Zuraidah said their safety has yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, Charlene Chen, a climber who is currently on Mount Kinabalu, said she was still stranded on the mountain with her group.

Based on her status update on Facebook, Chen said they were currently waiting for a chopper to bring them out.

She said, for the time being, they were keeping safe. She said they were staying put because tremors could still be felt and there were a lot of rockfalls that could endanger their safety.