PASIR SALAK: Zamri Saidon, 53, is well known in Kampung Gajah and Kampung Kuala Kinta, near here, as a generous barber.

Zamri, or better known affectionately to the villagers as Topoi, has been cutting people's hair for the past 20 years without setting any fee and customers can pay whatever they want.

"I've been cutting hair since 20 years ago and I've never set any pricing for my service because this is a village area. Not everyone can afford to pay so I decided not to set a fee.

"I'm not good like a salon hairstylist, my shop doesn't even have air conditioning, so it's up to the customers to give how much they can afford, i'll take it," he told Bernama when met at his barber hut located in front of his house here.

Zamri said he learned the skill of cutting hair from his late uncle, known as Pak Ngah Saidi, who also set pay-as-you-wish pricing.

"I first started at the age of 15. Pak Ngah, who ran this business at that time, told me not to put a price and to do it for Allah. Pak Ngah would even take RM1 or RM2, that was enough for him.

"Nowadays, my customers will pay between RM5 and RM10 depending on how much they can afford. I will attend to their requests and give the haircut they want. Some even ask for the latest hairstyle," he said, adding that the barber shop is opened from 10 am to 7 pm daily.

Zamri said he will also take up odd jobs in the village during his free time.

During festive season, the average number of customers who come are mostly regulars who return to their hometowns, he added.

"During festive season, my shop will be packed with the regulars who return to their villages from the cities.

"Alhamdulillah, even though I don't charge any fee, I can get around RM800 a month, it's not much, but I do this work with the hope of satisfying the customers," he said.

Zamri also hopes that he could help reduce the financial burden of the villagers.

"God willing, as long as I have the strength and ability, I will continue to cut hair and my advice to young people is don't be ashamed of what you do for a living and don't give up easily," he added.