Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem today announced that the incumbents for the Tebedu, Kedup and Tarat state seats will defend their seats in the upcoming 11th State Election (PRN-11).

The three are Datuk Seri Michael Manyin (Tebedu), Martin Ben (Kedup) and Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn (Tarat).

Adenan, who made the announcement when speaking at a gathering with the people in Kampung Rasau here, however, did not announce the names of the candidates for two more seats, namely, Bukit Semuja and Serembu.

"SUPP and PBB each claim the two Bidayuh majority seats belong to them. To avoid a quarrel, leave it to me to decide.

"The others must support whoever I select to avoid a dispute. (The) time has yet to come for me to announce but I will announce before the dissolution of the State Assembly," he said.

Adenan, who is also Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman, said what was essential was to ensure the two seats became BN's.

"The candidates to be picked will be BN's candidates..'Adenan Team's candidates'.

"I will discuss with Datuk Seri Richard Riot (Serian MP), Datuk James Dawos Mamit (Mambong MP) Michael Manyin, Martin Ben, Roland Sagah and Datuk Jerip Susil (Bengoh assemblyman) before deciding," he said.

The Bukit Semuja and Serembu state seats are two of 11 new seats created after a redelineation exercise.

The increase of two seats boost the Bidayuh majority seats to eight compared to only six previously, namely, Tasik Biru, Bengoh, Opar, Tarat, Tebedu and Kedup.