Pengkalan Kubor Independent candidate Izat Bukhary Ismail Bukhary said women should not become political leaders as they are not capable.

In an exclusive telephone interview with Astro AWANI, he said this was evident when countries like Thailand and Pakistan, which were led by women, faced numerous problems.

“We can see the weaknesses of women leaders clearly just by looking at our neighbouring countries,” he said referring to Thailand’s Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and Pakistan’s former PM Benazir Bhutto.

Izat, who is a former lecturer, said problems will arise if women become state or country leaders.

He also cautioned against the nomination of PKR’s president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail whose name was submitted to the Selangor Palace to be considered as a candidate for the state’s Menteri Besar position.

“Even Islam says a leader must be a Muslim first and along the line, the leader also must be a man,” he said.

Izat, who lost his deposit when he only managed to secure 65 votes in the 13th general election, said he was determined to contest again as he believed in those who voted for him.

Together with Izat, Barisan Nasional’s Mat Razi Mat Ail and PAS’s candidate Wan Rosdi Wan Ibrahim are also contesting in the Pengkalan Kubor by-election.

Izat, who called for an Islamic state rule in Kelantan said, allowing women to become leaders went against the principles of Islam.

“In Islam, God forbid women from leading a family, what more a state,” he added.

The father of seven said he wants to bring development to Pengkalan Kubor, which he claimed is still left behind in various aspects like infrastructure.

Izat who was discontented with how Islamic rules were apparently not being applied by the state leaders, now aims to champion them.

The Election Commission had set Sept 25 for polling.

The by-election is held following the death of BN’s Datuk Noor Zahidi Omar.