About seven years ago, I was elevated to the position of 'ustaz' by members of the Malaysian public. All because of a short film I had made at that time called ‘Samak’ (which was invited to a few film festivals! Wahh!)

It was a simple documentary about dogs and how it is okay for Muslims to keep them as pets. But what made it so appealing to people, I think, was the explanation on 'samak'.

Watch it below:

So what is 'samak'? It's just the method of cleansing for a Muslim after he or she has touched a wet dog. And it's only when the dog is wet. When it's dry, it's totally clean.

It's really a simple method:

1. Rinse the part of the body that has come into contact with the wet dog.
2. Lather the Taharah soap (as per the short film) on that part of the body like any other soap.
3. Rinse with water six times (or more) as you would after lathering with any other soap.
4. Tada!!! All done!

I literally got phone calls from people I didn't know calling me 'ustaz' and asking me for advice on how to samak themselves, and even their homes (paranoia?).

I am a Muslim and a dog lover. And I have also had the pleasure of caring for two pet dogs in my lifetime so far - a Rottweiler named Martian and a Cavalier King Charles named Keropok.

Now, in response to all the hoo-haa about dogs and Hari Raya, I feel totally at ease and not the least bit insulted by the video of Chetz Togom and her dogs.

Instead, I feel completely disgusted and annoyed with those who condemn her with total disregard and ignorance of the Islamic faith.

Remember that popular hadith that quotes Prophet Muhammad saying that a prostitute was forgiven off all her sins after she gave water to a stray dog?

So, I would like to invite anyone out there to prove to me that the Quran states that dogs are un-Islamic. You can do so by posting in the comments section right below this article.

Judging from all the heated response towards the issue, I'm sure it's all based on something religiously valid and that I'm missing something, right?

So come on. I'm waiting.