Australians have been invited to attend their local National Mosque Open Day on Saturday, the second year that this event will place.

The Open Day, supported by the Department of Social Services, is about community participation, understanding, inclusiveness and respect, the Federal Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan said.

"It also provides a time for us to reflect on where Australia has come from and where it is today," he said.

In a statement, the Minister said he joined with Imam Shabir Moosa Adam and Imam Burhaan Mehtar at Masjid Ibrahim in Southern River, Perth to encourage cultural understanding in Australia.

"The Government is deeply committed to its freedom agenda, which includes advancing measures to protect freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other traditional rights and liberties.

"However the Government strongly condemns those who attempt to diminish our freedoms in Australia and urge violence and hatred within our community," Keenan said, adding that the Government was working closely with the community to address radicalisation and extremism to protect all citizens' rights to personal freedom and choice.

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