LG Electronics Malaysia Managing Director Kim Kyu Tae affirms their commitment to grow their businesses here in the country under a new administration post GE14.

“What people want in Malaysia is better living and having greater quality of life” says Kim who began his career with LG in Malaysia a decade ago. “The country wants to have a strong economy, and the election results reflect that."

Kim Kyu Tae Speaks About LG Electronic's Plans in Malaysia

LG was recently in the news when its founder and chairman Koo Bon-Moo passed away, raising questions on its succession planning. Kim affirms that the group is more than ready to brace itself for this new future.

“LG is well positioned to manage a life without our late Chairman,” says Kim. “LG has a good succession planning in process, and with the passing of Chairman Koo, this plan is now well in motion. Our leaders are well prepared to lead a life past Chairman Koo’s leadership,” he says.

“Traditionally, the three core competencies impacting the manufacturing business are product reliability, richer experience with consumers, and pricing competitiveness,” says Kim.

“How consumers can have smarter life experiences would push manufacturers to do more and do better."

"LG Global Strategy is similar to LG Malaysia Strategy, which is to support our consumers’ to have a better quality of life by using our products," he adds.

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