The country's living legend, Tan Sri SM Salim, 88 is reportedly to be in critical condition due to old age.

A source close to his family disclosed SM Salim's wife, Puan Sri Halijah Abdullah noticed that her husband had difficulty breathing this morning.

"Puan Sri realised he had difficulty breathing, so she proceeded to set up a respirator for him," said the source.

The source added that the family decided to remove the device at around 1pm. He is currently being monitored by a medical expert at his residence in Ampang, Selangor.

"SM Salim started to breathe normally once the breathing aid was removed. He is responsive and even moved his lips when family members recited holy scripture to him."

"He is now surrounded family members, except for one child who is on his way back from the United States."

The family has asked his fans and close friends to pray for him as he battles for his life.

SM Salim or his real name Sheikh Salim Sheikh Muhammad Al Mahros is a veteran singer famous for Malay classic hits since the 1950s.